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Our Story

Our Goal

Our vision of providing custom cabinets and amazing structures began in rural Minnesota. Out of meager beginnings we keep our goals of offering customers the beautiful woodwork and fantastic buildings we would want in our own lives, firmly in front of us. Over a decade and several expansions later, these goals remains our primary focus.

A Kraut among the Taters

Big Kraut Construction, LLC and then BKC Supply & Design, were born in the small Irish village of Graceville, Minnesota. Our German-American founder Randy quickly gained a reputation for quality of work, strength of purpose - and height. His shorter colleagues dubbed him the Big Kraut and the name stuck.

A Family Company with Family Values

Central to our business is the idea that a home is meant to be uniquely personal and attractively designed. Because of this, we treat all of our clients with the same attentiveness and assistance that we would offer to a family member.

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